Oral Implantology and Achieving Beautiful Smiles

Today everyone wants to look and feel younger in golden years of his or her life. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is not only make patients look young and pleasing as in reconstructive surgery but to have proper meal after oral rehabilitation, making them stay young, happy and healthy.

A survey in Malaysia reveals a prevalence of tooth loss as age increases. The loss of these teeth of patients is now increasingly replaced by implants. These implants are made of titanium with desiged surfaces to enhance osseointegration that are long lasting and predictable in the resorbed ridge of the jaws. Once patients experience the beauty and function following implant placement, they tend to improve their oral health care and maxillofacial surgery.

A variety of dental implant systems are successful clinically even in older patients who have treated for medical problems such as cardiovascular disease or rheumatoid arthristis with dry mouth. Most of  the patients are becoming more aware of oral implantology including interpositional graft, maxillary sinus augmentation and bone substitutes. Future trends and research indicate more patients want shorter treatment periods with  immediate function, minimum risk and innovative implants that feel like real teeth.

Clinically, implant placements are associated with higher risk in clinical aspects of properative assessments of older patients with some medical conditions, periodontal diseases or smoking. Proper planning for optimal results, diagnosis and reduced treatment time are therefore highlighted in the presentation of reported local cases including bone grafts used on the resorbed mandible or maxilla of these patients.

Professor Dr. Michael Ong
(Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon / Oral Implantologist



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